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What Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating Does for you

An installation of Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating to the undercarriage of your RV by our skilled technicians will:

  • Stop Rust
  • Stop Corrosion
  • Protect Structural Joints & Seams
  • Protect Exposed Tanks & Pipes

How Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating Works

Our RV specific dry and shielded undercoat not only keeps the elements out but also stops stray currents created by the use of dissimilar metals and electrical components. This advanced coating exceeds military specifications. Guaranteed not to crack or chip, Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating withstands the harshest environmental conditions and is safe and effective for use on plastics, metals and non-heat conducting surfaces. 

Why Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating?

  • Protects Treated Areas, including Exposed Tanks and Pipes from Temperature Extremes
  • Helps to Seal Undercarriage Joints and Seams
  • Stops Structural Corrosion
  • Protects Grounding Straps
  • Meets or Exceeds Military Specifications (Federal Specs. TT-C-520B)
  • Insulates Exposed Water Lines and Joints
  • Warrantied 10 Years
  • Re-treatable for the Life of the Contract

Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating FAQ’s

Q: Q: I am buying a trailer, do I need really need undercoating?Yes! Manufacturers build lightweight towable RVs to match fuel efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle requirements. In order to do this various lightweight metals are necessary. From day one, this combination of dissimilar metals causes rust and corrosion to the trailer’s undercarriage. Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating protects these metals from rust, corrosion and premature failure.

Q: Why is undercoat not installed by the manufacturer?Manufactures are often concerned with controlling costs to stay competitive. Since the underside of the RV is a “hidden” area, undercarriage protection is often overlooked. Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating prevents some of the most common issues, like rust and corrosion, on the most hidden parts on a trailer.

Q: Is everything under my RV coated?No. Every RV is different, and Duratain’s skilled technicians know what to treat and just how to treat it! A good rule of thumb is if it moves or has heat, we don’t treat!

Q: Is there is a cost to reinstall Duratain’s VC-4 Shielded Undercoating if I have a manufacturer defect or warranty repair done to my RV?No! If your RV is repaired either under the warranty from the manufacturer or the dealership there is zero cost to reinstall at the dealership on ANY Duratain treated surface.